Own a Dairy Serve Ice Cream Parlour

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 Available nation wide!

Join Dairy Serve Ice Cream Parlour and become a part of the huge and expanding ice cream industry in South Africa.

Own a profitable business and secure a future for you and your family.

Dairy Serve Ice Cream Parlour offer an unique and enjoyable experience to customers that no other business has to offer.

Customers can create their own treats by making use of the equipment in store.

With 10 delicious flavors of ice cream,12 toppings and dips, the sky is the limit.


We also have 12 full cream milkshake flavors and 4 slush flavors on tap to choose from. 

Belgium waffles and many other treats are available on our menu.


We are proud to say that the quality of our products speaks for itself. 

We offer a turn key solution which will include the total setup of your store, training and continuous support.


12 Thick and creamy milkshake flavors on tap

Nutella, Condensed Milk, Vanilla, Banana,

English Toffee, Lime, Coffee,

Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Choc Mint,

Chocolate & Bubble Gum

4 Refreshing flavors of slush for those hot summer days

Grape, Creme Soda, Raspberry & Bubble Gum

We offer a wide range of unique and delicious products!


Soft Serve Ice Cream in 10 delicious flavors

Banana, Lime, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Nutella, Bubble Gum, & Condence milk

12 Toppings and dips to make it an unforgettable experience! 

Wafers, 100's & 1000's, chocolate vermicelli, mini marshmallows, jujubes, rainbow sprinkles,mini marshmallow cones, smarties, jelly tots, mini bingo's, astros,

choc chips & flakes.


The garnish counter also provide options for pointed wafer cones, sugar cones, caramel crisp dip, chocolate dip and various dessert sauces.

Whats on the Menu?


Standard Waffle,Deluxe Waffle

Kit Kat Waffle, Areo Mint Waffle

Oreo Waffle, Romany Cream Waffle

Milkshake, Slush, Ice Cream Floats, Soft Serve and so much more...

Customers have the option to order for sit down of take away for all products available.

Serving options

Small, medium & large

We make use of biodegradable cups & spoons.

State of the art Point of Sale system

Software for sales, reports, stock control and stock item listings.

Fully equipped kitchen

Ample storage and preparation area for products

Professional and inviting interior design that include comfortable seating for customers

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